Positive Story plus a Question...

I thought I would come on and add a positive experience of colposcopy to the forum, as I know when I was waiting for mine it was always good to come across good stories.  I went to the GP initially with a very heavy mid-cycle bleed and not having had a pap smear for 10 years (very bad).  The GP took a smear and said that my cervix looked very red and inflamed and that they were referring me to gynae due to no smears etc and cervical changes.  As many of you will know, the waiting for the appts are just the worst, you know it's not a good idea but you still google and come up with the worst scenario possible in your head.  I was almost catatonic to think that something could be seriously wrong and really it would be my fault as I had skipped my smears.  My husband was so worried he booked me for a private ultrasound before the colposcopy so that we could see if we were dealing with anything obviously internal.  Thankfully this came back normal and my mind was eased a little, now was just the wait for the colposcopy.  This came in about a week so it was all really fast.  I found the procedure uncomfortable but not painful, just a bit strange.  Thankfully I was told all I had was a cervical ectropion, or erosion, and everything was normal - I have learnt to accept the word normal as being the best statement in the world!  

I am now a couple of days post the colposcopy and here is my question - my period is now two days late and there is no sign of it, normally I get a couple of days of spotting pre-period but I have had nothing.  Is anyone aware if a colposcopy with no treatment can delay your period?

Lastly I wish you all lovely ladies the very best, this forum was a great source of real, relevant information and comfort to me whilst I was going through everything. xx

Glad all turned out well for you that's fab news and I am also very grateful for this site ..sorry  I can answer question as am yet to.have mine done xx

Hi. As you have already had a

Colposcopy I was just wondering

if you would be able to answer

a quick question :)

I have just had my appointment 

through to have one on the 16th

of this month and was just

wondering is it best off having

someone with me when I go?! 


Hi, I took hubby with me but he waited in the waiting room. There was already the consultant plus two female nurses in the room and I personally felt that was enough.  It would depend on how you feel personally, though - I know my hubby hates anything medical and wouldn't have coped well.  Good luck with your appointment hun, its honestly not that bad, just uncomfortable x