Positive Story after thinking it was cancer


Hi ladies- I just thought I would share with you a positive story after abnormal results. I am 29 and live in Australia and having been getting my regular pap smears every 2 years (normal in Australia). I have never had an abnormal pap smear, nor any abnormal symptoms. Admittedly, I was 6 months overdue for this pap smear as I was travelling and busy with work. I finally took myself to get one, not even thinking in the slightest that something abnormal would come back.

I got a call from my GP after a week saying I needed to come in the next morning for my results. Even then I wasnt too worried, I thought okay there is some abnormalities but I know people who've had that. When I went there she told me my pap results indicated I have cervical cancer - not abnormal cells- cancer. I was shocked to say the least and extremely upset. She was talking about a hysterectomy and fertility and I just went home in a mess. I had opted to go public to get a Colposcopy, I was told it would take about 3-4 weeks for an appointment and I knew I couldn’t wait for that. I would with people going through breast cancer so my mind was going to the worst case scenarios. I ended up being able to get into a private gyno within 3 days and had the colposcopy. Before the appointment she was letting me know the staging and how I would be referred for an MRI and PET scan and was trying to reassure me that at worst case it would be stage 2 and if I did need radiation I could freeze my eggs for surrogacy. Again, absolutely terrified and I went into the colposcopy shaking like a leaf. However, when she went to look at my cervix she said “hmmmm, I cant see anything that bad here but lets chat after”. I went into her office after and she said straight out – I think your pap smear results were interpreted wrong. Ive been in the business for 30 years and yes, you do have abnormal cells, but I do not see any indication of cancerous cells and I’ve seen a lot of cancerous cells. Obviously this was wonderful news but she did say she couldn’t be 100% sure and would have to wait for the results and I definitely could still have cancer, but if so it was more likely to be very early stages. She said she was going to get my pap smear reviewed again and would let me know results within the week. I left shocked, such a whirlwind and rollercoaster of emotions.

Over the next week I tried so hard to focus on what she said and her expertise and that she knew what she was talking about but I had some real moments of freak outs. Especially working with breast cancer patients I just kept thinking every time I spoke to one of them, this is going to be me. FINALLY after a long 7 days of waiting I got the results – no cancerous cells- only CIN3. I was over the moon. I fully understand CIN3 would still require surgery but I was just so happy these were still precancerous. My pap smear is still in review though and she said she will let me know what happened with that but she took a couple of biopsies of different areas and said only one showed CIN3 and the rest of my cervix was fine. She thinks they either misinterpreted my results or may have even possibly mixed up slides, which she said does happen.

I have now been referred back to the public system and will await my surgery appointment. I just wanted to share this as sometimes the worst case scenario in your head, and on paper, turns out to not be so bad and mistakes are made!!