Positive story after positive margins

Hi everyone,
Thought I just share a positive story after this forum helped me during the last months.
In march I got a call that my pap smear showed High grade abnormalities. I am from Germany and we get a pap smear every year. I never had a bad smear before, so my doctor was pretty shocked and referred me to colposcopy.
Biopsy showed CIN 3 and HPV 16 so I went for laser conization in may. Unfortunately the result came back with Endocervical positive margins for CIN 3.
However my doctor was sure that all bad cells were removed by the heat of the laser. He recommended a test of cure in 6 months.
But I was crying my eyes out because of the postive margins so I decided to talk to my regular gyn and she referred me to another colposcopy which took place 7.5 weeks after my surgery. They took another pap smear and HPV test which both came back clear. 6 weeks after that (= 3 months post surgery) my gyn wanted to be sure and took another very deep smear. This also came back without atypies and HPV negative.
I am now having another colposcopy in november (6 months Post surgery) and will then Return to smears every six months.
I Hope my story gives hope to all girls with positive margins :smiling_face: