Positive stories

Please share with me your positive success stories of beating this cancer.

I’m recently diagnosed and have been positive so far. I just joined a fb group for support but it seems to be filled with bad news - it gives the impression that this is a death sentence. Recurrent cancers, deaths, I’m seeing nothing positive there and it’s hit me like a punch to the stomach.


Dear Joix,

I’m sorry to hear of your cancer diagnosis. I know what you mean about negativity - several friends have reposted ‘sympathy’ message in honour of those who are fighting cancer, with phrases like ‘you will never be the same person again’ it makes it sound like cancer is going to rob you of your very self. If you read my profile story you’ll see I’m among the older of the posters on here (64) who was diagnosed with Stage 3 squamous cell carcinoma, but despite all the rigours of the treatment (and no, it’s not pleasant) I’ve been given the all clear (no evidence of disease - NED) 3 months after I finished the treatment. It takes time to get your life back to normal, but it can be done! Firstly - if your oncologist says that they intend to cure you - believe it! They can! If you’re told you’re doing well and you will get better, believe it - you will. Keep positive. Do everything they tell you to do (even changing your diet if necessary) - they’ve treated many, many people and you CAN get through this. Please let us know what treatment you’re having and when - there are so many people on here that you’re bound to find people who can help you every step of the way. X



I am so sorry you have found yourself in this position , it’s so scary.

I would like to give you some advice. One: End your membership of those Facebook groups. It doesn’t help you now. Ladies who are doing great and thriving are most likely not on these groups on a regular base, most want to run from their diagnose and carry on with their lives.

Two: do not google. Most information is outdated or even incorrect. Numbers are just numbers.
Three: listen to your doctors and nurses. They know you, and your case. Everyone is different and responds to treatment in a different way. Listen to what they do say and don’t fill in what they don’t say.

Yes cervical cancer is a life threatening illness and not to be taken lightly but it most certainly isnt a death sentence.

I was diagnosed with a 4 cm tumor ( squamous cell) 23 months ago, and am 21 months out of treatment and doing just fine.

I have no real physical side effect other then a slightly numb feeling in my toes and lower part of my legs due to neuropathie caused by the chemo.

I went through 6 chemo, 25 external bead radiation and 2 x 24 hours of brachytherapy. I had no side effect. Did not feel sick, I only got tired the last week of treatment due to constantly going in hospital and having a 5 month old baby.

You got this. Its not easy, but you can do it :heart:


Thank you both so much for taking the time to reply. You’ve truly made me feel much better. I removed myself from that fb group within about 20 minutes of joining because I knew it was doing me no good. Instead, I read through the Macmillan books I was given which are much more informative. It’s good to hear you are both out the other side.


Hi I just wanted to say I know how you feel, I was diagnosed just 2 days ago and the Facebook groups do not help, it makes it very hard to be positive so the best thing to do is stay away. Iv read lots of stories on Jo’s of people that were all clear within just a couple of months and that’s really picked me up.

You’ve got this xx

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Hi Eliza, sorry to hear that you’re in the same boat as me. This forum is definitely the best, I’m trying to steer clear of fb and Instagram now. Do you know yet what treatment you’ll be getting?

Yeah this forum is the only one I’m looking at now. I was staged 1b so up to now it’s a hysterectomy but I need to have an mri to confirm this.

How far are you at the moment?

Do you have a date for your MRI? I think I’m going to be stage 2, but I’m just waiting on a PET scan to confirm if there’s any lymph node involvement. Once they’ve done that i’ll be given a treatment plan for radio/chemo/brachy. Glad i’ve found you on here, it’s nice to talk to someone who’s going through similar xx


I have also recently been diagnosed. Not yet sure of the stage 1b3/2a. I am having chemo and radiation. Had all my scans no spread outwith cervix 4cm grade 1 tumour no lymph nodes involved. Meeting with oncologists this week or next.

Be good to chat with others going through the same. I am feeling good physically, mentally it is all a bit overwhelming have fantastic family who are all supporting me .


Not yet, I had the meeting with consultant on Thursday and she said mri will take place in the next 10 days, she’s already made the referral for hysterectomy as there is a 4 week wait so hopefully will have surgery beginning of August as long as mri doesn’t change anything. Yes it definitely helps to have someone going through the same thing, feel free to message me any time xx

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Sorry to hear your going through the same thing but it’s good there making plans for your treatment, my consultant said from what she can see I’m 1b but need mri to confirm so hopefully doesn’t change :crossed_fingers:


They initially thought i would be suitable for hysterectomy but after pet scan they felt the clear margin needed was not there so chemo and radiation best option.

It is very scary but there is no other option but to go through it. Reading lots of the posts and most people say it’s hard but doable so that’s positive.

Fingers crossed they can sort you out with hysterectomy and you don’t need any other treatment xx



Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but we can support each other. We will be going through it around the same time. Do you have a treatment plan and start date yet? x

That’s good. I should have my PET scan within the next 10 days too. Everything is happening very fast which is good, but it still seems like the longest time. I hope the scan confirms a hysterectomy for you and nothing more. You should be getting that when I start my treatment x


No not yet I had the results of my pet scan on Thursday and was told I should receive letter this week to meet with the oncologist and get start date. I found out I had CC at end of April so its been a long time to wait but thankfully the wait is nearly over and treatment should begin within the next couple of weeks.

It’ll be good to share our experiences along the way xx

Just to say that chemorads is very do-able treatment. I finished treatment on 17th May and have been back at work for 3 weeks now.
I got a bit of nausea and constipation from the chemo. The radiotherapy made me very tired. The brachytherapy scared the life out of me but in reality it was fine.
I’ve started putting my life back together and feeling very much like my usual self.
I have my first post treatment scan in August.
If you are interested I was part of a treatment trial called Interlace. It’s worth having a look. :+1:t2:
Good luck to you all with your treatment

Thanks for that great to hear that you are doing well and are back at work that’s alot quicker than I imagined I thought I would need 3/4 months off!!

Great to hear another positive outcome I hope I cope as well as you. I am 55 so I might need the 3/4 months off :joy::joy::joy:

Wow, thank you for sharing. You’ve done amazing. I hope your scan shoes you’re all clear. I don’t know much about the interlace trial, but the thought of it is scaring me. I’d rather not go through extra chemo, but what if the chemo/rads didn’t work and then I regretted it? Everything is such a worry.

Had a look at the trial but I am in Edinburgh and that is not on the location list so I don’t think it will be an option. I will mention it when I get to see the oncologist as it certainly looks interesting.

Cheers x

I’m in Edinburgh too, small world!!