Positive stories 3c1 cc

Hi all

I have 3c1 cervical cancer. Tumour is reported to be 27mm from mri/ct results but after PET they didn’t tell me this had changed so I assume it still is. It’s also in one pelvic lymph node but not anywhere else.

I need positive stories of life after treatment. I’m struggling to find any online! Thank you.



I completed treatment in January 2022 successfully for 3b/c 2 (6 cm tumour affecting one ureter and three lymph nodes) and I am here! I am back at work, hiking, exercising and living each day! I did end up with some long term side effects of treatment, but they are slowly improving and don’t really affect my quality of life. There are many, many of us out here! Hang in there - you can and will get through this. :smiling_face:


I’m so glad you messaged, thank you. This gives me hope!

3c1 here @Frenchie

Still alive and kicking. I did a daily diary of treatment which you can find in the forum

I didn’t get my NED status until 6 months after treatment had finished and I am about to go for my 3 monthly PET scan this Wednesday

Big hugs xxx

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Oh I hope it goes ok! My treatment starts wednesday. I am terrified! The 6 weeks chemo before is scaring the daylights out of me.

I was 3C1 as well. I finished treatment last June and got NED at my 6 month scan. I am doing very well now.

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Did you have the carboplatin/paclitaxel first?

@Frenchie No I only had the cisplatin chemo 5 times, radiation, and brachytherapy.