Positive results :-)

Hi ladies

jit's an update to let you know that my results from lletz were CIN1 all removed with clear margins. The CIN2 that was detected must have been removed at biopsy. Apparently I was not screened for HPV so still none the wiser there....check up in 6 months and of all clear of CIN and HPV I go back to 3 yearly smears. All been such a daze...can't believe it was 4 months ago I got that letter saying high grade dyskaryosis....I was so incredibly scared like so many ladies on here. For those of you new to this site and going through those scary thought processes and fearing the worst, I hope my experience and result gives you some comfort and hope. And to those ladies who arent so lucky, I wish you all the best in your recovery and thanks ever so much for all the support and words of comfort and experienve I have had on here. I will keep logging on to look at everyonea journeys and pass on some advice/experience of my own in the hope it might help. I do hope you all have a wonderful Christmas xx

Great news! I hope your recovering well. 



Thanks Johanna! Same to you hun.....hope your feeling better and have a lovely christmas with yuor family xx


Iv had a few set backs hence not being in here much but taking it easy & looking after myself. 

Roll on Xmas & new year!


Hi there , from what I gathered from my nurse when I had my lletz hpv is assumed as present for cin 2 and 3 so no need to test , she showed me area where it had Hpv which us pink and abnormal area was smaller and white , so basically Hpv causes the abnormal cells , am not a doctor but that's what she explained