Positive result

Just had a phone call from my consultant who told me they had managed to remove all the abnormal cells from the LLETZ treatment and that they found nothing sinister with the cells. I have now been informed I will only need a follow up smear in 6 months.

I am incredibly grateful and pleased to have this news. I just wanted to share a positive outcome as in the 3 weeks waiting for these results I was convinced I had cervical cancer. My cells were very high grade and from the smear test everything was on fast track. I was even given my treatment the same day as the biopsy and only had to wait 3 weeks for the results. I also suffered with a few symptoms like abnormal bleeding, fatigue, and irregular discharge. Even though everything seemed so urgent it still turned out ok.

I just wanted to give hope to other women that it can be ok after the treatment. I wish all you lovely people the best luck with your own stories and wanted to thank you all for the support. 

Much love xx

Thank you!

im going out of my mind preparing to have the LEEP Procedure dont and LEEP Cone Biopsies in 2 weeks and im freaking out. my anxiety has been horrible.. but this give me hope.Smile