Positive result! Severe Dyskaryosis

Hi, I thought I’d share my results with you all so it may give hope to those in similar position.
So December 2021 I had a smear which came back HPV+ no abnormal cells, had another smear December 2022 HPV+ and Severe Dyskaryosis. Absolute blind panic, had LLETZ there and then at my Colposcopy appointment on the 28th December. After a scary 4 weeks I finally got my results yesterday, CIN3 but no cancer or any sign of serious disease. All removed and smear in 6 months.
I was almost certain it was going to be bad news as my cells changed so quickly in 12 months, normal to severe but although CIN3 was detected there was no cancer :face_exhaling:
Good luck to you all ladies, you’ve got this xx

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