Positive orgasm

Hello all I thought I would share this just in case it helps someone .A few weeks after Lletz orgasm was painful got scared and I stopped trying, I thought it is horrible it will stay like this forever very dramatic lol. But in week 6 after Lletz. I can say all back to normal orgasm feels just like before so happy :blush:. Next step full on sex…let’s see how that goes. Take care


Hello Hop1,
Really good to hear this positive outcome :laughing:
I had a lletz in December 2020 and then a 2nd lletz in January 2021 for abnormal glandular cells. I waited until after my 6 weeks follow up appointment before having sex again, just to make sure everything was healed well. I can also say that it is back to normal if not better, which I am really happy about! My husband and I worked on our relationship during the “dry spell” (12 weeks in total from December!), this I believe was a big factor in getting over my mental block and worries.
Hope it keeps getting better!

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