Positive on going story

Goodmorning ladies, I always promised I would come back and post here on every update with my story, as I know very few positive ones come back to post and I know reading that few always helped me... My journey began early this year with my very first smear results resulting in borderline changes and HPV positive. Reading this letter sent me crazy so much anxiety was going through me!! I recieved my forwarding for my colcoscopy and off I went I didn't know what to expect tbh and was left very upset from the whole experience but looking back now it was not all that bad at all it was me that made the whole experience worse but being so upset and tense.. After my colcoscopy I sent myself mad googling then I started to believe I had symptoms that wasn't Evan there it was asth my mind was playing tricks on me. Up until I got my results which was a tough 5 week wait I became very stressed with life in general... The day I got my results was a day very welcomed it was good to see that it was only mild abnomalities and that I would be followed up with neither colcoscopy in 6 months time. Well here we are 6 months later 2 days post follow up and I'm very happy to say it hasn't got any worse but no better either but this can take time I still have very mild abnormalities and hpv but it's not progressing and I now will be followed up in a years time. So not the news I had hoped for which was it would clear up but it's no worse than before which is so positive. It's been very stressful and worrying and there are women a lot more worse off than me Right now but however minor or severe it is the anxiety is no less it's the Unknown. I just want to say I hope I've helped anyone going through this and say that you being here today shows your in the right direction of being watched under the hospital and your following it through. It's so important. It's not nice something isn't quite right but I've learnt to put it to the back of my mind for now until my next appointments and carry on living life in not such a bad state over it all, want to wish you all well and hugs to anyone suffering how I felt all those months xxx

Hello Hun 

Thank you for putting this post up it has really helped me try to feel positive and not to scared :) 

I received my smear test results 3 and a bit weeks ago and have the exact same results as your hpv positive with borderline changes I have my colopspy on Friday and have been on and off google which is the worst thing to do but I have also been on here and spoken to some very lovely people who have been of going through worst stuff than me I am still very scared worriwd and slightly confused on what is actually going to happen on Friday can I please ask what did they actually do to you at your colopspy? I've read that it is very similar to a smear test and they look further into the cervix but do they also take a biospy aswell? Also do they do treatment on same day if an infection/abnormal cells are found? Really sorry for asking im just really confused :( my brain is going mad :( any help or advice would be lovely thank you so much :) also how long roughly was your colospy appointment time wise 


many thanks lots of love Traka xxx big hugs