Positive news!!!

fantastic news.really really pleased for you. what a lovely lady you are and you always have lovely  comments. you really deserve that news. take care xx

I wish there was a 'like' button on these pages !!!! Annabel - your words are so right & meaningful & bang on correct ..... You should write a book !!!!! I haven't been on this site too long, but I would say that if I didn't have you fabulous ladies to turn to I would have gone off my rocker ! Of course my friends have been awesome & still are, & my wonderful husband is the best ... & I couldn't get through this without them......BUT (like you said Annabel) they haven't had cancer.... I too saw my Mum go through this & worse about 6 years ago, but even then, even though you think you know what they're going through- you don't.....

Rosehip - I truly hope that things improve for you whilst talking to someone else ... Just saying it out loud to someone is the best....

Andrea - you always have fabby comments to say, & to put people's minds at rest.....

Thank you all gorgeous ladies for getting me through this far ... I am sure I will be calling upon you when I start my treatment .... Thank you all for being there...

Much love, as always

x x x 

Hi Girls

I've been a bit of a watcher and reader on this forum for almost 18 months now but thought nows the time for me to have a say after reading all these lovely comments.Laughing


I was diagnosed with Grade 1 Stage 2 Cervical Cancer in Nov 2011 aged almost 39. I eventually got the all clear in July last year so I am about 10months ahead of Andrea. I have also been lucky enough to meet Andrea through a JCT support group in Hull and I am sure we will be friends for a very long time and hopefully I can give some advice back to the ones who are just stating out on their journey.....


I just wanted to say that I also felt very weird after getting the BIG ALL CLEAR scan and after the bubbles in the champas had gone flat so did I.....However I am now over a year down the line after treatment and I would say that the last 3 or 4 months I have definitely turned a corner. (well I turned 40 for starters ha ha) but on a serious note I get what you have all said and I don't think the cloud ever leaves you, you just learn to how to deal with the cloud. I guess a lot like grieving? 

I sometimes think I wish I had lost my hair so at least it showed as a statement of what I had gone through was still visible to people? Everyone kept saying to me how well I looked even after I had spent half the day on the loo whilst going through it! I really dont think people really get it unless you have been though it and I think the majority of my friends and family think - yup thats it now shes all ok now, no need to worry any more......

So its so nice to be able read comments on here that I am normal as I did actually walk down the aisle in Morrisons this week and saw a lady with Tampax in her baskets and I am thinking why did I get chosen and not them? The thought was only in my head a few minutes and I headed for the wine aisle instead Wink on the plus side its saving me a fortune! Tongue Out


One thing that has got me to where I am today is positivity laughter and a good glass of wine with friends and also taking each day as it happens and not planning too far ahead. 


I will now be keeping my eyes open for any topics on the menopause as that is my next hurdle.....but in the meantime keep smiling ladies and I will also be doing the 5k Walk in Leeds on sat 15th June. I will be the small one with a big smile on my face Cool xxx

What a lovely post, onlywayisup. Congratulations on taking the plunge and posting at last!

I'll keep an eye out for you in the 'menopause area' (I don't mean the wine aisle!) - mine is just kicking off big time. Deep joy.

I'm currently gathering up stray 'emergency' tampons from handbags and coat pockets - when I needed them I could never find one but I keep finding them all over the house now! I'm putting them into a pretty box which I'm planning to leave in the Ladies loo at work for people to help themselves to in emergencies. Is that weird? Undecided 

No Rosehip, that's not weird, that's lovely. What a very thoughtful and honest way of dealing with that particular loss. :-) x

My goodness you ladies are all amazing!! I love reading your posts as you it’s so good to hear people feel the same way as I do some days & it makes me realise it’s not just me that has these thoughts or going off my rocker!!
Andrea…yes hopefully wil. Be getting involved with the Leeds walk for fun! I will message you xx

Hey folks as a newbie here I have spent alot of time today reading all your posts. Firstly I want to say that fantastic news Andrea and may your journey take you to a much happier place Smile. All the comments on here are lovely and are so similar in ways. I can't beleive that actually what I thought was my irrational thoughts are actually normal post-cancer. It's really helping me acknowledge everything which has happened.

Right now about this walk, is this an annual event and does it only take place in Leeds? I'm all the way up in Scotland Undecided 

Fiona xx

Congratulations on your results, very happy to hear about your good news.  Onwards and upwards :-) xx