Positive News RE CGIN

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to post my news as I know when my abnormal cells were first found it was really reassuring to read positive stories and I know there isn't so much info about CGIN. I had to wait nearly 8 weeks for my LLETZ results but have now been informed via a letter that "all the abnormality has been removed and everything is expected to return to normal"
I will obviously have my follow up smear in 6 months so I don't feel as though I'm out of the woods yet, but I do feel like I have taken a big step towards normality.

Thank you to everyone who has posted as I have found this forum a God send over the past couple of months and I wish everyone the best with their individual battles.



Hello. So happy for you that your results have come back clear :) its so nice to read positive stories I have got my lletz treatment tomorrow for CGIN so this story gives me some hope :) xx

Good luck rachy let us know how u get on, one thing I am slightly concerned about is how they go about follow up, when I have read that these cells are harder to detect on a smear, so I'll be interested to know how you are followed up too! Take care.

thats great news!  i've had several smears now, post-CGIN treatment.  they do the normal one and also a extra little brush for the areas higher up the cervix.  Its a bit uncomfortable but nothing too bad.  They tend to get you in for more smears over a longer period, to keep a close eye on things, but thats all good.  As they keep saying to me, getting checked regularly is the safest place to be, so they can deal with any (unlikely) future issues immediately.  take care x

Hello. Well it was a week today I had my lletz under GA and everything went fine (I think) was abit disappointed with my hospital as I didnt even see my doctor at all and no one came round after I had my lletz to tell me how it went "/ but I have felt great in myself all week,  had a slight period style pain for a few hours on the day and I have been fine since I am kimd of waiting for something to happen or for me to be sore or something.

x rach x