Positive lymph node

So results are back. Unfortunately one of my lymph nodes is positive so rads and chemo it will be. After all was moved from cervix things were looking good, thought after radical hysterectomy I could get on with my life. Not anymore. Honestly this is so scary. I was fine now all I’m doing is crying every 5mins. Still in pain from the lymph node biopsy, still have staples in. I feel so depressed today.


I'm so sorry to hear tht your node turned out to be positive. No wonder you're feeling low especially after that bummer of an op to get the little buggers out.

So now the treatment plan has been changed, just when you'd got your head around the first one. That seems to happen a fair bit on here once tests and scans are back, so you're in good company. There's a ton of women who have the chemo/rad treatment who will dive in to support and encourage you, so rest assured, you're not alone.

Still a big shock though and a huge emotional roller coaster.

Sending you love and support,

t xx

Aw sweet we all have good & bad days where we just feel like lying in bed all day crying but we also have good days where we'll be like Im going to kick this s*** out of me, its not welcome in my body! After the entital shock hopefully you'll be back on good days. Youre having the best treatment & care. I hope things improve quickly for you. Xxxx

Thankyou for your support.tomorrow is going to be a big day, I'm going to tell my teenage daughters. One of them has just finished her gcses and tonight she's on her prom. I didn't want to ruin her fun. Hopefully they will be ok with the news. Fingers crossed x 

Hi I am in the exact position treatment wise as yourself.... Had myself all geared up for surgery and now that lymph nodes are involved im having chemoradiation its a scary time, now that a week has passed since i got the news of treatment im starting to get my head around it....its alot to deal with im starting my treatment next Thursday....thinking of you hope all goes well with your daughter take care x

Good luck telling the girls. I know it's going to be hard - I felt worse for my kids than I did for me. I hated that they would worry. Knowing your treatment plan is really helpful though, well it was for my boys. Somehow, knowing what the treatment was and that it was scheduled helped us all feel like it was manageable and not so scary.  Don't forget to stress how treatable and cureable this is and tell them to stay off Google, where all the stats are so wildly out of date.

Hope all goes well


Hi. Please don't be too worried about chemoradiation,  it's definitely not as bad as you think it's going to be.

I found the emotional side of things far far worse than the physical.

What you have is very curable so focus on that x 

Hiya :-)

Sorry you have had upsetting news but this really is not the end of the world. As Philleepa says, chemo rads are not really so difficult to cope with and as far as I am concerned they are less annoying than the hysterectomy, so for my money you have got the better side of the deal.

I know it's a scary time but this treatment really kicks ass and you will be as right as rain before you know it :-)

Be lucky :-)