Positive LLETZ stories?

Hi all,

I have just had my second LLETZ in 15 days to (hopefully) remove stage 1A1 cervical cancer cells. They obviously took a fairly big chunk and I am bleeding quite a lot. All I keep reading about bleeding post-LLETZ is about haemorraging and surprise bleeding after two weeks.

I am off to a three day music festival this weekend and going to Spain on holiday in just over two weeks.

Anyone got any positive stories about recovery after quite a hefty LLETZ to stop me worrying?



Hey! I dont know the answer to your question just didnt wanna read and not comment! 

I also had lletz yesterday at my colpocopy appt they took 2 biopsys and said it looked severe but didnt look like cancer but he said that was just his opinion final say is with biopsy results now im angry he said that when he doesnt know for sure he said i need to wait 2-4weeks for results i hate the not knowing its driving me crazy! How long did you wait for results? My smear showed moderate dyskaryosis and he said yesterday severe! Does that mean cin 3? Sorry i have so many questions floating about my head! Thanks 

Hi! Try not to worry too much. Remember that CIN3 isn't cancer but just needs removing and the LLETZ is an effective way of doing this.

The first time I had the procedure, I was called back to be told that the tissue they took WAS cancerous just over a week after the LLETZ so I am guessing that is how long it takes...and if it is good news, it'll be a bit longer as you have to waiit for a letter. I am thinking that if I don't hear from them by phone in the next 7 days, I'll be hopeful of a letter saying they got it all.

I guess they never know for sure at the time how it has gone, but I will say that, for the first LLETZ, he gave me quite a bit of info about what would happen if the cells WERE cancerous...and they were. This time, he seemed quite confident that he had got it all.

Fingers crossed for us both.