Positive HPV and Low-grade Dyskaryosis

Hi I’m new here. I had my smear only 2 weeks ago and through the post today I got my letter saying I have HPV positive and Lo-grade Dyskaryosis, and also an appointment for a colposcopy for 11th January.

I don’t know how to feel as I also just found out that I have a prolapsed cervix and I suffer from constant pain in my groin and stomach, especially after sex.
I’m fit and active not overweight, my anxiety is going through the roof. I’ve tried to get an appointment with my nurse to talk about this but I have to wait a MONTH! I was married for 22 years, and now I have been with my fiancee for four years - my last smear was fine. Where does this HPV come from as everywhere I read it says sexually transmitted?

I need to hear other people’s stories as I’m jumping to the wrong conclusions.

Hi kelly
I just saw your post and felt i needed to reply.
I had a smear in oct. I got a call 3 weeks later to say i had hpv and cin 3 high grade Dyskaryosis. Got booked in the following week for a Lletz.
My mind went into over drive. Ive never had an abnormal result. Im 52 and always had regular smears.
I have been with my husband over 30yrs so like you i was totally confused.
The nurses explained that hpv can lay dormant for decades (like shingles).
I got my results back and i had cin 1 so that was a relief and have to have a repeat smear in 6 months.
Its easy to over think and things but at least we are in the system and getting treated. Try to stay positive and i hope all goes ok on 11th
sending you good vibes
Maria xx


Hi thank you for replying.
I had my biopsy taken early and have had results back and I have all high risk precancerous cells. So I’m still going in on the 11th but for the llettz procedure.
It terrifies me but I want it all gone. Xx

Hi kelly
Hope today goes ok :+1:
The lletz procedure wasnt too bad and doesnt take long .
Just make sure you take it easy for a few days.
Maria xx