Positive HPV and high grade severe dyskarosis

I have been HPV positive since October last year and now I have just found out I have got cell changes called high grade severe dyskarosis. I suffer with anxiety and I am really struggling. What do I need to expect from the coming months. Any advice anyone can give me at all I am really worrying and need some support. My family have all said it will be fine and I will get through it but I really don’t feel like I will. I am only 29 with 2 beautiful little girls and I’m really scared

Hello Emma12 I totally understand you I was in the same position last April when I was diagnosed with HPV and Cin3 high grade. I felt like my life was over. Now I had LLETZ treatment and just had my 6 months test and no abnormalities found anymore just waiting on results about HPV positive or not. I am doing it private so process is slightly different than with NHS. Not sure if you are in the UK.
The LLETZ surgery for me was done under local anesthetic and totally painless, recovering from surgery was okeish my mistake was that I had a urine infection and thought the pain was from surgery recovering but was actually the infection anyway took antibiotics and all sorted. LLETZ is extremely efficient and 90 % of women never have issues with it again. And if they do they can have LLETZ again. I also have 2 kids but I am older than you 43 .I know is very worrying but if you do end up needing the treatment please know is very okay and the great majority of women recover very well. Please ask anything that is worrying you and I can try and answer. Take care :blush:

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Glad your results have come back with no abnormalities. I am currently sat in the hospital waiting for a hystoscopy as I had an ultrasound yesterday and a cyst on my ovary has doubled in size in 8 weeks. Just one worry after another. Thank you so much for you reply I appreciate it. X