Positive Hpv aged 44

Hi there
I’m new to the forum so hoping I’m going about this in the right way.
I have always attended smear tests as required and had my most recent a few weeks ago which has come back showing HPV positive but no abnormal cells.
Im 44 and have been with my husband for 22 years, just wondering if it’s common for the virus to lay dormant for so long?
Thank you :blush:

Hi @Vanya

Its actually assumed we catch it within the first year of being sexually active, this is why the vaccines are rolled out to school kids before theyre sexually active, so it is entirely possible for it to lay dormant for that long… untill 3 year ago our smear samples were only checked for HPV if we had abnormalities now its a first point test then they check for abnormailities, it could have been going in and out of dormancy and not picked up by previous smears since it hasnt cause you any issues or it has only just decided to become active after a couple of decades x

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