Positive HPV 2 years in a row after Cervical Cancer

In 2020 I was diagnosed with stage 1a1 cervical cancer, luckily they caught it early and I got the all clear. In 2023 on yearly smear test I tested positive for HPV. I just got my results for my 2024 smear and it’s positive again. My consultant is reviewing the results on the next MDT and will write again with the outcome and management plan. Has anyone else been through this as my anxiety is going crazy again and unfortunately bringing the whole experience back up :frowning:

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Hi @Rachel1934

I also had stage 1a1 cancer diagnosed and had the LLETZ procedure twice.
Like yours, mine has also been given the all clear :smiling_face:

I had my 6 month test of cure done today and I’m very worried about hpv returning.

I can emphasise completely there because it’s not something you want to have come back again, sending you hugs and hoping the MDT come up with a good plan!

I now have cervical stenosis and found the whole smear thing very very painful and difficult which I didn’t before. She couldn’t even get the brush into the opening of the cervix anymore, so that worries me too… Did you experience this at all?

Jess x