Positive for Abnormalities after Loop Excision

I’m suspended in fear. I had my Loop Excision done in July 2021 and was told they had successfully removed all the of the CIN 3 lesion. I had been extremely nervous for the 6 month follow up Pap and the results as my partner and I were hoping to start trying to conceive if and when we were cleared. Had the Pap in early Jan and I just found out that my results came back positive for abnormalities again. My doctor is away on vacation and I had a nurse leave a voicemail with the results and no other information other than that I’ll need to be referred back to the colposcopy clinic but that will have to wait on my doctor’s return. I feel hollow, numb, defeated and sad. I know it’s possible that abnormalities won’t be as severe but I don’t feel very optimistic about that. I’m already trying to mentally brace for the news I’ll have to have another Loop Excision with another 6 months of wait time before I know if I can start a family. Has anyone been in a similar situation or have any encouraging words?