positive experience

I went for a colposcopy yesterday after having recieved a test result of high grade dyskariosis. I had a week's wait for my appointment and during that time I automatically imagined the worst case scenario. As a single mother of three children I saw mine and their lives flash before my eyes. It was the longest and worst week of my life.

I got to the hospital and the nurse/doctor that I spoke to was lovely and so reassuring. She explained what she was going to do and said that throughout the procedure she would stop and explain things. Most importantly she said that if she suspected the "C" word, she would tell me.

I went into the treatment room and there were two other nurses in the room who were also very nice. I was put in the chiar, which is slightly uncomfortable but given the circumstances, who cares? The nurse was true to her word and explained everything. After a very close inspection she gave me her verdict.....a very small area of cell changes. She wasn't even convinced that they were even cin2 and therefore did not want to treat me incase the cells were only cin1. A biopsy was taken to make sure and I was done. The best part was when she said "NOT CANCER". I was so relieved. The nurses made me a cup of tea, talked me through things and then that was it. I now have a 2 week wait for the biopsy results and I have a little discharge and cramping from the biopsy but I can live with that.

Moral of the story, try not to think the worst, hard I know. The results might be better than expected and the staff are fab and will reassure you every step of the way.

Totally agree with you!! I had 3 weeks from getting my smear results to colposcopy and worried myself so much! I had treatment there and then for my high grade dyskaryosis and got the all clear 2 weeks later! Hope you get your results soon and you can put it all behind u! :) x

Thanks Kitty kat, so glad you got the all clear :-). I have just read so many negative/disheartening posts on other sites that I wanted to say that it's not all bad. Getting the high grade diagnosis is so scary but sometimes it's not all as cut and dry as it seems and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Even of my results come back as needing further treatment then it's not as bad as you make it out in your own head. Do not google and do not worry. The worst case scenario is very rare. xxx