Positive experience today

Hi all.

I posted in the other sub forum with regards to severe dyskaryosis smear result. so I thought I’d post today after my colposcopy.

So I’m an old hand at the old colposcopy after having one back in 2010 (see signature).

Well today I had another one and my colposcopist and the nurse were amazing! I knew I was going to have to have LLETZ treatment and had resigned myself to my fate. So when I rocked up and I explained that my previous colposcopist said any treatment (including LLETZ) would be under a GA due to my awkward anatomy, I was fully expecting just punch biopsies and then a referral for knocking out.

Imagine my surprise when she said, yep, I can do it here and now with no problems. I asked how likely it was I needed LLETZ and she said it would definitely have to be done at some stage, even if I came back another day and had it under LA. 10 seconds was all the actual ‘scooping’ would take.

So I had it done. And the only things I felt were the LA going in and the bloody iodine dye. In fact that hurt the worst. It stung like hell (I have cervical erosion) so she swabbed it with a bit of cold water and then it was fine.

10 seconds and it was done. The machine sounded like a hoover and had an extractor fan so I couldn’t smell anything.

They got me up very slowly and gently and put me in the recovery room for 15 minutes after which I had to check my towel to make sure it wasn’t pouring with blood (not even a spot).

All in all, it’s over now and I await the results in 3/4 weeks time. So until then, it’s at the back of my mind.