Positive Colposcopy Procedure

Hello! I want to share my positive experience with other women who are waiting for their first colposcopy appointment.

I found out I needed the procedure, instantly cried because I don’t have a high pain tolerance and get anxious over medical appointments. The lead up mentally was far worst then the actual appointment, I truly wish I did not let it consume my thoughts as much as I did.

The first 5-7 minutes is exactly like a pap, I actually found it even more comfortable as they didn’t do a smear and I sat in a chair with stirrups (rather than just laying on a bed)

Then the doctor coverd my cervix with a dye to reveal the cells, some women experience stinging, I personally didn’t feel anything.

The biopsy time came and I was very nervous. She used the cough method and honestly, I felt like she tugged me, but it was not painful. I had 3 taken! there is a slight after sting but so so minimal. I remember thinking to myself I can take on two more after that

The last bits where they cover by biopsy stung a little bit and made me cramp slightly, but nothing unbearable.

Now I’m home with a hot water bottle, eating noodles and feeling very accomplished.
10/10 experience given what needs to be done.

I asked my GP for some pain killers beforehand, she prescribed me 2 15mg/500 of co-codamol and 1 500mg of Naproxen to be taken an hour before the appointment and I honestly think it made everything bearable. It does kick in very quickly after taking them.

-Stay off tiktok / negative videos.

-Bring someone: I actually wish I brought my partner with me, going into a doctors office alone made me a bit emotional.

-Knowing who my doctor was before hand put me at tremendous ease.

And that’s it really, you gals can do it! <3