Positive Colposcopy Experience

Hi there, 

I posted about a week ago freaking out - so i thought I would come back here to share my experience because I know reading similar posts from others helped me feel less anxious. 

I had recieved abnormal smear results with positive HPV and high grade (moderate) dyskariosis. I found the lack of any further information really stressful and to be honest when I spoke to my GP she did absolutely nothing to make me feel any better so needless to say I had a very stressful wait for my colposcopy appointment. 

Due to my very high anxiety levels I also spoke with a private GP via Babylon in a desperate attempt to get more information, and I thought it was maybe worth sharing that she told me the cervical screening programme is entirely separate from GP services. So much so that many GPs apparently know very little about this topic. So if you speak to your GP and they can't tell you very much don't freak out, its just apparently a quite specialist thing that they don't know a lot about. 

Anyway, I had my appointment this morning and it was not bad at all. The nurse was exactly the type of no nonsense reassuring person I needed her to be. She explained that they would look at my cervix using a couple of dyes to identify any abnormalities, and if they found them then I had the option to be treated then are there. They found a small area of what looked like CIN2 so we went ahead and did the LLEZ treatment, it was totally fine and honestly took a total of less that 5 minutes (including the local anaesthetic and clean up). I was pretty nervous about the anaesthetic but actually the worst bit of the whole thing was when she initially put the speculum in, it was fine. 

Obviously have to wait to see what the results from the lab say in a few weeks, but I feel so much better now I have been and had an expert speak to me about the whole thing. Best of luck to everyone and very happy to share more about my experience if anyone has any questions.