Positive Colposcopy and Biopsy

Hi All,

I thought I would write this post because I had a Colposcopy and Biopsy done a couple hours ago and while waiting for the appointment I spend Weeks/Days worrying about it and I went down the rabbit whole dying of anxiety. One thing that helped me was reading other people stories and experiences.

I know it is hard not to worry and think of the worse. For me I was scared about the pain and woke up in the middle of the night to start consulting Dr Google. I know you won’t stop so I won’t tell you to!! However, my experience was positive.

I’m HPV+ with one of the high risk strains and had abnormal smear. I was called in to do a Colposcopy and biopsy. I arrived at my appointment so anxious. The procedure is uncomfortable but doesn’t last long only 15 mins for me! I got 4 biopsies taken and it was really quick and its over before you know it I didn’t feel much at all. The most uncomfortable moment is the speculum and the Vinegar solution they put which stings (but nothing that can’t be handled).

My advice just breath and let your doctor know that you are nervous. It will all be ok!!! I am now waiting for results.


Me too! I’ve been waiting nearly three weeks now. A MDT meeting has taken place. Still waiting on biopsy results :weary:
Good luck with your results