Positive cancer story- it can be beaten. Never despair!

Well, yesterday was my two year anniversary of being diagnosed with a primary gynaecological cancer for the second time. I am currently NED from that little b*st*rd and thriving! More importantly, I am now 22.5 years post my first diagnosis of stage 3, grade 3, glassy cell carcinoma with involvement in 5 lymph nodes. So here I am, initially diagnosed at the age of 34 with two small boys and now I am rapidly heading towards creaky old age! So thought some of you might like to know that it can be done! Karen x


Many congratulations Karen :-)

There's no such thing as too many stories with happy endings :-)

Be lucky :-)

Congratulations, and thank you for this post. The whole lymph node involvement thing  can be a scary thing, so it’s good to see a positive outcome. It gives hope and is very uplifting, Thank You !

  1. Congrats karen , your a strong woman and have helped so many of us along your brave journey x x

Thanks for your story and all the positive support you give on here. When you are scared that is exactly what you need to hear. Xx

Hi Karen

Thank you for sharing your story. You have been a great source of support for so many.


Hi Karen doll

you have no idea how much I needed this beautiful lady!

thank you from the bottom of my heart 

Karen this is so special to hear. You are such a constant positive voice for so many of us Jo's girls. May you live to be 100 xx

Karen you are amazing.

your storey makes me think I'll be ok.

i am so glad you are still on the forum and share with us all. I am feeling really down today and you have just inspired me again.


I can't thank you enough.

Fantastic news Karen you are such a brave lady and a inspiration to us all I have been clear for fifteen years but I had a scare last week a pelvic Examination revealed a bit of blood which the doctor attributed to vulval atrophy I’m panicking she has referred me to hospital I’m so frightened its a recurrence.

I am sorry to hear this Izzy. Why did you have a pelvic examination? Did you also have symptoms? 

Atrophy is the most likely cause but you do need to be followed up. It's almost certainly nothing but if it's a recurrence it's treatable. The longer the time between primary and recurrence the more treatable it is and 15 years is a long time!

Good luck,

Karen x 

Karen this is awesome xx

I'm glad you're doing well.

It's still scary to imagine everything you've had to endure so far with the pelvic exenteration, urostomy, and colostomy. I'm glad you included that in your signature, thankyou. It's important for people to understand the realities of cervical cancer even when one survives it.

Absolutely. We hear so much about breast cancer but I have had a double mastectomy and it was a piece of cake compared to all the gynae stuff. Yet you hear so little about it.

Karen x 

A late reply from me due to posting issues but then you know that I think you are fabulous and help so many of us to keep going and I am certain just reading this post will bring lots of hope to many xx