Poo post lletz

Hi all,

so this is maybe a bit gross but I had my lletz yesterday and bottom line (no pun intended) I need to do a poo but basically I’m really scared to ‘push’ even just a little for fear of opening up what I’m assumig has been quartorised by the lletz/ causing a haemorrhage. Maybe I’m being unneccessarily anxious, but every time I go for a wee I have quite a gush of blood so I’m a bit freaked out by the prospect of passing anything more substantial. Does anyone else have any tips/experience with the first poo anxiety? Should I air on the side of caution and try to wait until it comes more easily? Any tips for making passing it easier?

sorry for all the poo talk, hopefully no ones eating their lunch! ;-)



I felt like this too and it took a few attempts but it’s ok, you can’t do too much damage, it’s not like after giving birth (I haven’t been there yet but I’ve heard) go for it lol! X 


After my hysterectomy I had the same poo worries. I used glycerine suppositories and they worked wonders. They stopped me needing to "push" as it just sort of shoots out on its own (sorry TMI lol). You need to drink plenty of water if you are going to use them though.