Polyps ?

Hi ladies I am very confused I was diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 2b Aug 2012 

Received 20 external radiotherapy sessions alongside 4 chemotherapy sessions and  was booked in to have two bracatherapy sessions,  however on my first session the  oncologist ended up perforating my bowels whilst inserting the rods. So after a few nights in hospital ,lots of antibiotics and few weeks rest had to go for a further 10 external radiotherapy sessions. 

On my last check up my gynaecologist requested I have a MRI,  on examination everything looked clear but because I have the odd spot of blood now and again best I had a scan to make sure.

Had my MRI , radiologist report said some improvement but showing a small area so recommend I go to theatre to have it investigated. At first they mentioned polyps then when I spoke to the Macmillan nurse again and said so its likely to be polyps she said no. Then gynaecologist tells me it is 

I go to theatre next week not knowing if its still cancer or polyps. 

Hi Paws,

Great news that your doctor has said your tumour has gone but I can't even begin to imagine the uncertainty you must be feelling. I don't have CC but I did have a polyp attached to the outside of my uterus. It was found and removed during a laproscopy I had done a few years ago, I think they're quite common as the doctor didn't seem at all concerned about it.. just removed it because it as it was bothering my fallopian tube.

All the best


Hi Paws

I definitely can relate here, as you will see from my signature, they found Polyps (2 of them) a few months after treatment finished. They said they didn't look cancerous but couldn't tell for sure until they removed and tested them. They did come back as non-cancerous so I was so happy. My oncologist said it's very rare to find polyops after radiation but it's also rare for a 28 year old to get CC so I wasn't surprised I was an exception haha! Fingers crossed the same result as me! Let me know how it goes xxx

Hi cervy2b

thank you for your message I am hoping I get the same result as you. It's the not knowing especially when they say one thing then say another.

Monday is D day gulp.

I am only 38 and going  through the menopause is no fun is it?