Polyp - told healing thing??


I had a hysterectomy 5 months ago for stage 1B CC.
Since then I had a few issues, cyst on ovaries (my ovaries were kept but moved out of their comfy place and up out of the way).
I also had some hip/ass pain, it seems to be worse tonight.
Anyway lately after sex I started bleeding and again hip pain etc. I went for my checkup last Friday and when examining me the doc said he could see two polyps, one large one small. Anyway he said not to worry about it he sees them maybe once a year (typical I had to be his once a year) anyway he said they look fine but will need to be sent off. He said don’t worry they are a healing thing and nothing to worry about (but of course I’m worrying now) I got my appointment for 22nd March and they will be removed then. I hate the taughts of waiting on results again. Just wondering if anyone else experienced this??

By the way I was in hospital 3 wks ago with ovarian cyst so they done a ct scan then as they taught it might be appendix. Anyway CT came back normal. Wonder why the polyps didn't show up on CT? Any info appreciated. Guess it's a good thing CT normal Hoping if anything more serious it would have shown up?

Hi Noodles :-)

Sorry I have no experience of this myself but just wanted to say that if you had a CT scan three weeks ago and you will be back in hospital in another three weeks it sounds very much as though they are keeping a close eye on you and nothing nasty will be allowed to get out of hand.

Be lucky :-)

Thanks Tivoli for your reply. 

Thats true, hoping they just nip off and that's the end of it. 

Just want to update i had polyps removed and got results back to say no abnormalitlies. happy days. Doc was right