Polyp seen in smear, no smear results and referral

Hello Everyone,
I was notified that I was due a smear test and booked this in for last Friday 15th March. Due to my age, 56 years, I hadn’t had one for 5 years.
The smear was painful, nothing like the minor discomfort I have experienced in previous smears. The nurse informed me that I had a polyp. She said that she would need to take a blood test as this is required to accompany smear when polyp found.
Today I received a call from the local hospital giving me an appt for Monday 22nd March, saying that I would be examined and have a transvaginal ultrasound. They said this appt was req following referral from GP same day I had the smear.
The only thing I have noticed in recent months is a sharp burning kind of sensation when I am in the bath. Didn’t think anything of it, was just careful to not use products thinking it was an irritation.
I haven’t heard from my GP regarding the results of the blood tests.
I appreciate this is a waiting game until my appointment. I’m curious to know if other women have experienced anything similar following their 5 year gap between smears. Also, is my experience of a speedy referral just based on what the nurse saw during the smear usual/unusual? Also any other polyp related experiences.
Thank you so much

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when I went in for my smear, the nurse saw a polyp. I was called in for a smear after having tested HPV positive a year ago.

They said they couldn’t do the smear because of the polyp, a sample was sent away, and I got a referral to see a gyn. However, no blood sample was taken. Had to wait four months for this appointment.

Anyway, at this moment in time they didn’t make anything of the polyp, but said the cervix looked inflamed, and I got a referral to have a colposcopy. Did a smear test (got the results about 6 weeks later, still HPV positive and not enough cells to see if there are any changes. )

I found that at this appointment I was in more pain, but put it down to not feeling very relaxed, I am normally absolutely fine with smears, no pain, hardly any discomfort.)

Same when I went for the colposcopy, same pain, but again, thought I was just not being able to relax enough.

They took quite a few biopsies, and now I have to wait for about 6 weeks for the results. They could not say if it was an infection of the cervix or anything else.

It then occurred to me that the pain felt similar to UTI pain. I have to be super careful, as very prone to UTI, have been since my 20s, but getting worse. Guessing this is due to the menopause.

Whenever, I am having a minor flare up, I get this pain, not really burning pain, not sure how to describe it, but I think this is what it felt like during the last two exams.

I think I’ll make an appointment with my GP, just to mention it and see what they say, plus have a word about the flare-ups.

Not sure if this is helpful at all, but it sounded a bit similar.

Gosh there’s such a variation of peoples experiences with these things!
I’ve just had a polyp removed last Friday which was noticed at my routine smear in January. They did the smear though and it came back HPV negative, and no further scans or blood tests at all. They said it’s very common to have a cervical polyp and just whipped it out (I went privately for this as I couldn’t wait a year for NHS to look at/remove it due to health anxiety related to the CIN I’ve had historically)

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your reply and the information you have shared. I will update when I know more, I am sure I will have more questions.

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Thank you, this is really helpful and the pain/sensation does sound similar. I will let you know how things go at the appt on Monday and thank you again for sharing your experience


Will be thinking of you!

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