Polyp and abnormal results

 Hello everyone

I am 29, and have been having regular smears for years, the last one was normal 3 yrs ago. 
I have started bleeding after sex everytime for at least 6 months and then some of the time a few months before that. I've had cervical errosion before so have just assumed it had come back.
I was due a smear over the summer but due to moving I put it off and had one done monday last week. At the time the nurse said it looks as if I have a polyp which would be causing the unusual bleeding but to wait for the results and then be reffered to have it removed. 
On wednesday last week (2 days later) I got a call from the doctor surgery asking to book in an appointment but wouldn't say why. Then on Thursday I got a call from the Colposcopy clinic saying my results were abnormal and they wanted to book me in to check the smear results were accurate, and take a few biopsy's under a local anethsetic. They sent a letter to confirm my appointment and that I have some cells that are abnormal but didn't state what grade they were. A few days later I recieved another letter from the screening lab and it said by now I probably would have heard from my doctor or hospital to discuss the abnormal results but again didn't state which grade of dyskaryosis I have. 
My colposcopy is tomorrow morning, I am a little freaked out about it. I am convinced the polyp is actually Andenocarcinoma. Nothing about antyhing seems reassuring - the unusual bleeding, the polyp, the fast response to make an appointment, not grading the abnormal cells....
Has anyone had anything similar? What was your outcome? And has anyone not been graded when recieving the letter? I'm wondering if its just our area doesn't state this information. I know I should step away from google and wait until the morning but with each day that passes I am getting more and more anxious. 

Anyway thank you for reading

Sam xxxx


my letter was the same. I've also been for treatment and I still don't know. I've just been told to wait until my results letter comes. X 

sorry to hear your in the same position. I'm sure they do it to not make you worry but for me I would rather know the facts and figures. Did they suggest how bad Yours was? Hope your results come back quickly and that they are not too serious xx

I would rather know also. when I sat down he said about doing a cone biopsy, but then when started the colposcopy he said he would only do it with the loop. Also told smear would be in 6 months. I didn't get a call for 11 days after smear from the doctor, letter was 13 days from smear & hospital appointment was 20 days. How long has yours been? Xx 

I was seen very quickly. Had a smear on the Monday last week, then a phone call from the colposcopy clinic on the Thursday and was saw today a week later.

they told me today I have a growth on my cervix, not a polyp which is either severe changes or early stages of cancer. They were very careful not to mention the C word but I do think it will be the latter. Either way I will be having treatment to have it removed and should hear back from the biopsies which she said she would put an urgent referral through, within the next 2 weeks.


can you phone up and get some more information from your doctor? Does seem rather vague. How long has it been since you had your appointment? xx

Doctor is difficult to get hold of. When he rang to refer me he just said I have referred you and this is why you have smears. We need to look closer. I had the loop on the 26th and was told 2-4 weeks for results.  

Are they ringing you with results. 

Fingers crossed for you xx 

Yes, they said they will either call or send a letter, but I got the impression they are more likely to call, especially as they called me first time before sending out a letter. Fingers crossed for you too xx

What county do you live in? That's one thing doctor said to me, they like to call lady's with abnormal result so the letter isnt a shock. 

The hospital told me they only send results in letter so I will wait and see. 

so you will hear in the next 2 weeks? Xx 

Did they put the dye on your cervix? if so did you see it on the screen? Xx 

I live in England in Somerset. Where are you?

yes I saw it all on the screen, and they took photos. But they didn't put a dye on it, just an acid like solution on it if that's what you mean. I think it brings up the bad cells in a whitish colour.

i had a phone call from a nurse in the hospital today which I found quite odd. She said she just wanted to introduce herself and if I had any worries or questions I can call her. And she mentionedmthat if results come back cancerous i will need to go for some scans before treatment. All a bit unearving really, like they know something I don't. I was feeling quite confident that it was just CIN3 but now I'm not so sure! :-( 


Yeh that's what I mean. like a vinegar that turns bad cells white. I am in Grimsby. That is strange. I wish they would tell us instead of leaving us hanging. Makes it worse. 

Have you heard anymore Hun? x 

the hospital called today, they want to see me tomorrow to discuss my results. I feel it w be bad news. 

How about you? Xx

Good luck. Nope not heard anything. X

Just to update you Mrsharney, the consulatant said my biopsies showed mostly CIN3 but there was some cancerous cells amongst them. Seeing another consultant tomorrow to discuss operating, and I will be booked in for an MRI and CT scan to stage me and see how much they need to remove. The tumour will definately be going as well as some of the cervix but at the moment they are unsure of how much to remove and at worst may need to do a hysterectomy. Will know more in the coming weeks, they seem keen to get me under the knife asap. I hope you don't have to wait too much longer, but hoping in your case no news is good news? xxx


sorry you've not had the news you was expecting. Glad there getting you sorted quickly. No news my end. Xx

Hi, sorry your going throught this. I too had my smear test and was told a polyp could be seen, was given an appointment for further investigation at the hospital to which they seen a polyp too and now I've been sent an appointment for an internal scan next week. They've not really told me anything about anything and I'm really nervous about the scan.

Hello hun, how are you? 

My results are in. Cin3 & high grade cgin. There having a meeting on 5th dec.