Hi everyone,

I am new here. I’ve joined because I met some lovely ladies at a Cancer Research day in Birmingham a few weeks back and they said how wonderful everyone on the boards is :smiley:

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer this time last year and fortunately following a hysterectomy and lymph node removal I was given the all clear last June. I have read a lot of the posts and realised now I am not the only one taking time to heal emotionally.

One thing I have found which helps is writing [color=#800080]poetry[/color] which was a bit of a suprise. I’ve written quite a bit - some linked to my experience of cancer, some just fun stuff but I had an idea the other day!

I do a lot of fundraising for Macmillan and I thought along with Jo’s Trust as well I would consider compiling a book of poetry with the proceeds going to Macmillan and Jo’s Trust to continue the valuable work they do.

If you would like to contribute a poem I would love to include poems from other people in the book as it would be a bit boring otherwise.

If you think you have any inspiration let me know! I was thinking of calling the poetry book [color=#408040]Seek not Hide [/color]which is the idea behind walking up all 5 peaks in Great Britain in 48 hours which me and my husband & friends are attempting at the end of May!

Hope to hear from some aspiring poets and I’ll post a poem soon

Niccy xxx :wink:

Hi Niccy :slight_smile:

Welcome to Jo’s. Just wanted to say I think this is a lovely idea, I love poetry and used to write alot when I was younger, but life has taken over much of my time now and haven’t written for years. Maybe I should give it another try :slight_smile:

I hope you get some input from some of the other girls here,

Much love

Emma x x x

Hi Emma,

Thanks for your lovely reply. Please do write some poetry to add to my book it would be so fantastic to have other peoples work.

This is one of the poems I wrote when I was diagnosed, not sure how good it is but feedback would be warmly recieved from anyone!

Hope to hear from you soon


[color=#800080]Diagnosis Day[/color]

My foot crosses the threshold,
Echoes through the room.
A suffocating, stifling air wraps itself tightly round each limb.
My body succumbs to the oppressiveness, there’s no going back,
A rag doll with no soul.

My frightened heart gathers speed,
The lead verdict drags around my neck -
a single word and life will never be the same again.

Hi Niccy :slight_smile:

I think it is great…there is alot of emotion in it and very descriptive, almost felt like I was in that room :’(

Emma x x x

P.S. I’m still waiting for some quiet time! lol :slight_smile:

I love writing poetry…I’ve got a book of poems that I’ve been compiling for years…kind of like a diary of important events in my life…

So here are 2 of the ones i wrote around ‘that’ time…feel free to use if they are any good to you…I’ve always wanted to be published…hee hee x x

[color=#40BFBF]Fighting Back[/color]

He’s BIG, he’s BOLD, he’s in your face,
He throws his weight around the place,
He terrifies and scares the hell,
He tries to fight your mind aswell,
He gets into your body and your soul,
Quite happy that your life he stole,
Aggressive, angry, vile and cruel,
Determined to break every rule,
He picks on people undetered,
Sneaks in and hits them unobserved,
Then once this menace has his hold,
He dances round so proud, so cold,
He tries to infiltrate your life,
Take over, till his evil’s rife,
Cancer’s a bully…do what you must do!
Cos so am I!!..and I’ll beat you too!!

[color=#40BFBF]Move On[/color]

Have the strength to accept the things you can’t change
Learn from them
And move on.
Have the courage to face the things that cause you fear.
Tackle them
And move on.
Have the tenacity to fight the things that make you scared.
Beat them
And move on.
Have the pride to be you…
Grow stronger
Then move on.

what a wonderful idea… you’ve inspired me to write something… might not be great but i’ll give it a go!

maybe you could post ths in the main forum too as it’s a lot busier than this one.


Thank you for the replies and thank you snowy for your contributions I would be honoured to include them and will keep you posted on progress. I am through the the semi final of the BritWriters comp which is a national writing comp and I find out about the final next week. I would love to get through to the final but I am not holding out much hope as there are only 7 finalists in each category. It would be much easier to publish if I get through but if not then I will take it on board as a project - inbetween raising other money for Macmillan and being a reception teacher, moving house and trying to have a baby via surrogacy! Hectic life! xxx :slight_smile: