Plz help pet scan result

Had my pet scan this week i got my appointment with clincal oncologist next week im so worried being in pain means it is quite advanced anyone help on this

I was staged at 4a and I can't remember being in pain to be honest . I did have occasions when I had intense pain in where I presume my left ovary is but this was something like every 3 months if that.

I expect your pain is dueasy to what your tumour may be pressing on?

Please try not to overthink things. it is what it is and whatever the staging, the team at the hospital will be planning a cure for you x 

Is there a full curr for every stage im only 27 so scared 

Try not to worry until you have any facts. there are great people out there ready to help you take anything on. Don't waste time worrying about maybes, I know it's tough, 

I would be a wreck without  the support  here n my amazing family  and friends  this waiting gets harder