Please tell me in not going crazy

I have been going back and forth to the doctors with bleeding issues. Mainly bleeding for weeks straight some days heavy other days just a bloody discharge. I turned 25 last December but when trying to book smear was always told i couldnt come when bleeding. Finally got referred to a gynecologist for bleeding who told me she cant work out whats causing the bleeding it might just have to be bad luck is the cause. She told me i could still have a smear test when bleeding. After 3 months i got the letter with my results yesterday saying high risk HPV found and cell changes were found in the neck of my cervix, so now a waiting game for my appointment for colposcopy. The letter said to contact my gp practice if i do have bleeding issue’s. Filled out an econsult online asking for someone to talk to regarding my smear results, as im worried my bleeding issues are linked to my smear results. I have so much bleeding between periods that i couldnt even tell you when my period is, i bleed after sex, have back pain and pain in lower area of my stomach and im so tired all of the time. My reply from my doctors was ‘i wouldnt think this would be related, we are unprecedentedly busy at the moment to offer you an appointment to discuss. My suggestion is to hold on tight until your appointment with colposcopy’

I just want someone to reasure me that im not going mad! Surely there is a high chance that my symptoms may be linked? My doctors surgery are so unhelpful. I understand they are busy but for the 12 month’s that ive been desperately been trying to get help they have been so dismissive. Makes me feel like they think im just winging but i feel i know my own body and i know something isnt right and i want to get to the bottom of it. The only advice my drs have given me over the last year is that they think i should go on the coil to see if that stops my bleeding. But id rather treat the cause not the symptoms. They dont seem to be intrested in the cause.

I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. Doctor’s can be so cruel and dismissive! I’ve been having lots of bleeding, back pain, pelvic pain, and thigh pain for a year now. I had CIN 3 removed in May. It’s only gotten worse and now they’re basically ignoring me until my follow up pap smear in November. But I’m worried they’ll say they can’t do it once I’m there, because of the bleeding. I had a big bleed during sex and I called them the next day just to be told that that’s normal and if she were me she would just ignore it. The doctor told me she’d put me on birth control to stop my period but the birth control has a side effect of heavy bleeding and I don’t want to just mask the symptoms. So frustrating!

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That seems to be all they want to do is shove you on birth control! Not the slightest bit bothered about finding out whats causing it. If they refuse to give you your smear due to bleeding ask for a second opinion as i got mine when i was bleeding after being refused several times! Its when you try and speak to the doctors its so frustrating as they act like your just complaining about a period lasting a little longer than usual when thats not the case :unamused:

Hi Bronwyn,

How have you been getting on? Are there any developments?