Please spare a few minutes to influence a potential new resource about Jo's support services

Hi everyone,

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust is considering developing a new information resource advertising our support services. Although some of our printed resources signpost to different services, we don’t currently have a resource specifically for advertising all our support services. We would value any feedback you can give to help us create the right resource for everyone who may benefit from our support services.

Can you spare 7-10 minutes to input your thoughts into this potential new resource?

The survey will be open until 20th August 2018.

Jo’s is here to support everyone, whether they have questions about cervical screening or the HPV vaccination, received a diagnosis of cervical abnormalities, received a diagnosis of cervical cancer, or are a loved one of someone affected. We want to make sure everyone who would benefit from Jo's knows what services we have to offer. 

Thank you so much for giving up your time to help us. If you have any questions about the potential resource, please feel free to message me.

With very best wishes,