Please read

Went for a smear last year and the results said low grade dyscaryosis (spelt wrong sorry) and 

high risk HIV so I went for a colposcopy and the results of that were everything appears 

normal and to go back September this year... But I am absolutely petrified and I mean

i can't eat, sleep I'm crying constantly through the worry because I've convinced myself 

that something is wrong. I can't get y head round being told I have cell changes and hpv

to receiving a letter saying everything appears normal. You here that they someimes get things wrong

and I am petrified. I don't know what to do. 

Hi Sarah. This forum is a good place to be. Don't Google, this website will give you all the support and information you need. Ladies here will support you through your worries. We are all going through it together. The waiting for results and the uncertainty is hard but with a good medical team and your friends and family to support you, you will be OK. If you feel something has been missed or you want more information then go back to your gp. Tell her your worries and she will reassure you. If they think everything appears normal that sounds good. Its natural to worry but you have it in black and white that they are happy for you to be reviewed in September that sounds fantastic. Try to be positive, sorry I can't be more help. You are not alone x