Please read... very scared single mum!

Hi everyone,

Can I start by saying how amazing this site is, I have read so many posts on here before finally finding a voice for myself, I think you're all so amazing for sharing your experiences to try and help others. 

I had my first abnormal smear in June 2014, which showed significant cell changes and high risk hpv. This was followed by colposcopy which showed CIN2. I had this removed with a loop treatment. I then had anot her smear 6 months later and another colposcopy which showed some minor abnormalities and high risk hpv again. However I was told that no further treatment was needed at that time and I should go for another smear in a year's time. Nearly 8 months have now gone by but I am almost out of my mind with worry that these abnormal cells (which are definitely there!) are changing and spreading and that a year is too long to leave it. I'm a single mum to a 5 and 9 year old and have totally convinced myself that when I eventually do go back, I will have developed full on cancer that could have spread. Most of all I am terrified of being taken away from my two children as I am literally all they have got. I have been to see my GP to discuss my concerns and although she said that she understood my anxiety, she trusts the system and I should just wait it out. But it's literally driving me insane! I can't sleep and I have developed achy, period like pain for the last few weeks (I have the depero Vera injection and don't have any periods at all). I think about this 100% of the time and it's really affecting all aspects of my life. I try so hard to think positively but I'm just so scared that the hpv will cause the changes to happen faster than anyone expects and if I wait another 4 months I will seriously regret it. If anyone has any thoughts on this I would really appreciate knowing what you think. Thank you x

*Hug*  I know how insanely hard it is, but please try not to worry so much.  All the information I have found suggests that it takes about 10 - 15 years for cervical cancer to develop - if the tests they did on what they took during your LLETZ indicated the CIN2 was fully removed then these new minor changes have probably been found at the earliest possible stage & may even go away on their own, which is why they wait before rushing into treatment that may be unneccessary.  I understand your fear as I have been there, but stressing yourself out is probably the worst thing for you!  Trust your doctors, remind yourself how treatable this is, take extra special care of your health & well being, & remember we are all here for you if you need any support.  My GP referred me to a counselor a while back when my stress levels had gotten out of hand at work, & this helped me a great deal - maybe this is something you could consider?  All the best & take care :)

Hey ladies, 

how similar to "fingers crossed" post,my situation actually is. I am currenty freaking out. I too am a single mammy to two children(9 & 6 big boy little girl), 6 month ago I went for my routine 3 year smear(all my others have been fine) and it came back severe dyskariosis(if that's how it's spelt), I was in for my colposcopy 6 days later, and had a loop biopsy, and it came back CIN2/CIN3,check up in 6 month. So my check up smear was the beginning of the month, then the letter came snear normal High Risk HPV positive, so I'm booked in for another colposcopy on the 26th and now I am flapping. Why are they calling me back? Why isn't it just check up in 6 month/1 year? Now my nurse who gives me my depo is like a mate(not officially) but we have a laugh when I get my injection, bloods and previous smears, she didn't do my 6 month ago 1 but did this one and went really quiet after doing it. Im probably over thinking it, 3 weeks waiting for my second colposcopy is to long. 

Hope everything alright for you ladies x Tink x



just to give you my story As when it happened to me I was searching for answers and couldn't find many.

june2014 I had LLETZ for cin2 December 2014 I have my follow up Smear which came back normal but with high risk hpv, i was sent for a coloscopy january 2015, during this procedure the doctor told me he could not see anything and I was now to go back to 3 yearly smears which scares me Incase the hpv is still there, apparently this is a new thing in the uk rather than having yearly smears, my view is the people I know who have had LLETZ years ago could have still had hpv but as they didn't test for it then they would have never known. I have been taking vitamin c tablets every day, drinking green tea and i have come off the pill so im hoping the virus has gone and to start a family soon 



Hello ladies,

I'm in a similar situation myself!

I had lletz treatment in Nov 2014 which came back with CIN3 and 2. Just had my follow up smear which came back with mild changes. They have told me they can't tell if HPV is still present so I guess I just have to wait for my colposcopy exam! 

I suppose I'm just feeling scared that the abnormalities have come back, or maybe they missed some cells? Does anyone know if in our situation they tend to do more treatment?! I don't really want to say bye bye to more of my cervix!! I don't have kids yet but I do want them one day and worry that all of these procedures will not help matters down there! 

Grrrrrr bloody cervix. 

Sending you all love and good thoughts xxxxxx

Thank you so much to everyone who has replied. It is at least a little comforting to know that there are so many others in a similar situation. Just 'talking' to someone about it is a relief.

Eliora Arin, I may well have to talk to my GP again as my anxiety levels were just through the roof again yesterday. I've had such a run of 'bad things' happen over the last 3 years since my husband left me for someone else completely out of the blue, I just can't seem to help thinking that this will end badly too. I am normally such a positive happy person but this has thrown me completely over the edge!! 

DaniTink, we really are in such similar situations. I will be away on the 26th but will be thinking of you, please let me know how you get on. "Fingers crossed" for you xxx

PrettyFlower85, I can't believe they put you back on three yearly smears, I really hope the vitamin C and the green tea works!

Martha13, I have read that you can have up to 3 lletz procedures before anything more serious but hopefully you won't have any abnormalities at all and that won't be necessary.  

To be honest I would have a hysterectomy tomorrow if I thought it would reduce the risk of this all developing into something more serious. I know i'm lucky to have my two beautiful children but in my more optimistic days before all this started, I dreamed of meeting someone new and would never have ruled out the possibility of having another child one day. Those dreams are fading fast at the moment. 

Fingers crossed for you all. Lots of love xxxx