Hello Ladies,
This is just a post to say that if you’ve been invited for a Colposcopy, after having an abnormal smear… Try not to worry.
**Easier said than done (:
My first smear was Normal. 3 years pass & I go for my 2nd smear. At least 6 weeks pass and no letter- so I’m thinking, “phew it’s obviously clear again”.
I then receive a letter stating ‘High Grade Severe Dyskarios?’ (Can not spell it)…
I instantly went into panic mode. “I’ve got cancer… I must have??? Right I’m going to google all of this”.
WORST THING TO DO. This letter couldn’t come at a worse time as I was days before moving house, a million miles away to Harrogate. I probably spent 4 hours a day on google, searching what a Colposcopy is? Will it hurt? What is a lletz? Symptoms of cervical cancer etc etc. I have absolutely no symptoms or pain or bleeding in between periods/after sex etc so thought it must be a mistake and I’ve got the wrong results…
I cried every day until my colposcopy. I went to my appointment with my partner and had so much information in my head, from all the horror stories I’d read online- How it ruined people’s sex lifes, that it’s soo painful to have a Lletz, you bleed forever after and the Local anaesthetic REALLY HURTS. etc etc etc Horror story after horror story.
The ladies who saw me instantly made me feel comfortable and answered my thousand questions. They wanted to perform Lletz then and there which I said fine. I hate Speculums as it is… but it was in and she prepped a Needle in seconds. This was the part I was most nervous and crying about. I had dye added and weirdly no cells shown on screen… which confused us all. Then it was Anaesthetic time and we were all talking and I felt literally a pressure… and I said is that the needle!!! And she said yep. I was so annoyed that I had worked myself up for THAT. It doesn’t hurt at all. I promise you. I’m a wimp. And it felt like a tiny, I don’t know how to describe it… it isn’t a pain! Then lletz… I was done and having a cup of tea with a biscuit within 10 minutes of entering the room.

Please don’t read all the horror stories, I did and it causes such stress. I expected bleeding for weeks but it’s been 2 weeks and all I’ve had is weird watery discharge. Sorry TMI.
I hope this helps reassure just one person when nervous about their Colposcopy/treatment. It’s wonderful to know we are on their radar now and will be looked after in future. Best of luck.

Sorry about the essay
Loves xxxx

Thankyou so much. I'm having a Lletz tomorrow and I've been so worried even losing sleep. You've put my mind at ease about the procedure.

I'm glad it all went well for you. Have you had your results back yet? Xx 

Hi Dizy,

Hope you're well! Only just saw this message as I've logged in tonight... How did today go??? I really hope you found it bareable and it was over quickly for you x

My results were a bit iffy. My nurse knew how anxious I am and I think this has effected her telling me results in full lol.

She said that she THINKS my margins were clear? :/ and that I'll have HPV test & test of cure in 6 months. If I'm honest I think my cin3 is further up inside my canal - which is where she said she thought she managed to get all of. Oh well ill know in 6 months!!! 
I hope you're relaxing now, watching films with aaalll the tea and aaaall the snacks. Keep me posted how it goes! 

X x x

Thank u for this post! I had a colposcopy on the 14th Jan! High grade servere abnormal cells! Punch biopsy's taken awaiting results very nervously! Have bad anxiety actually medicated for it and after the colposcopy and biopsy I'm freaking out! I need to wait for the results before they will treat but the doctor said it's likely to be leetz treatment! I had a bit of a language barrier as the doctor was German and I think a few things were lost in translation! 
alana xx

Hi Laurennaomi 

Thankyou for your reply. Fingers crossed for your next test. Will be thinking of you.

The lletz was just as you described it smile.  The nurses were so lovely. Just waiting for the results now. I was told 6 weeks. The nurse also said that hopefully she removed it all. I suppose she cant tell until the results are back.  Then it's the 6 months cure test depending on the results. Just trying to keep busy now but my children help there lol.

Really hope everything goes well for you keep me posted xx