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hello, everyone i’m 22 years old and have 3 children. i’ve had abdominal burning and discharge for 2 years now and doctors have fobbed me off because of my age and always put it down to stds even though i’ve had tests and all came back normal. ive now started bleeding heavy on off in between periods and clotting so i went back to my doctors and finally seen another doctor and she looked at my cervix straight away after she checked she got straight on her computer, and i asked her if everything was ok with my cervix she said she is making an urgent 2 week referral to hospital as she seen some “sore” bits on cervix. i was so upset i didn’t think to ask what she meant by “sore” bits. im asking if cervical cancer can look like “sore” bits i have 3 beautiful children and i can’t leave them, i’m all they have. i can’t find anything online about “sore” bits and its driving me crazy as im so scared. if it is cancer would being able to see it on my cervix be advanced cancer ? i know there is no way of knowing without tests but i’m asking if anyone has had similar experience and their outcome i have 2 weeks to worry. i would be so greatfull if someone could reply even if it’s not a answer just a chat. i feel so lonely and worried. thank you very much xx

Please try not to worry , if you want to chat am here xx

thankyou xx

Hi hub

im so sorry that you have  been fobbed off but now you will get treatment  needed, I can't really give you any advice as I did not have any symptoms but my smear picked up my abnormal cells, you could ask the experts on the forum or ring the helpline, you could also ring and speak to the doctor to get and explana as they do understand that we bed things clarifying and explaining. I know the waiting is the most difficult 

big hugs xx 

Hello. I went sex clinic prior to my smear and the dr said my cervix looked healthy Yet a part of it was 'inflammed' the results for that come back fine but my smear was CIN3 high grade changes and not cancer so please don't worry yourself i also have 2 children and I have been scared to death waiting for results, but hopefully yours too will not be cc. If u need to talk u can message me :) 

hope this helps xx