Please help

I’m absolutely terrified :’(
Please can you help really need someone to talk to. I had a smear ago years ago I was only 21 that came back fine. Went for my smear the other week and within a week got a letter saying high grade diasykosis ( however you spell it) ( before that I had spotting one time I wiped and again the other week it was only one time) I have 3 young children, I am awaiting an appointment for a colposcopy but I havd a huge anxiety incase it comes back cervical cancer

Hi there

Try not to worry, I know it's hard but only a tiny proportion of people whose initial results are high grade dyskariosis will find out they have cervical cancer. You will be referred for a colposcopy now, which is a test that involves a good look at your cervix and possibly some tiny biopsies taken to confirm that high grade is indeed what they are looking at.

If it is high grade, you'll be offered a procedure called LLETZ to remove the affected cells. This stops them from having the chance to ever develop into anything nasty. Have a look at the colposcopy section on the forum and you'll find plenty of ladies who have had this.

Hopefully they will get you seen quickly (it is quite fast btw, so don't let a fast appointment booking make you think it must be something terrible either!) and get this sorted out so that you can get back to enjoying your kids and feeling calm :-)

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