Please help

I received a letter this morning to attend a pre operative assesment clinic prior to my surgery

What is it? I wasnt aware I needed surgery 

It says a nurse or doctor may be present to take investigations/test ready for my admission

I had my lletz 2 weeks ago and this is the only letter ive received


I haven't had a lletz so can't offer you any real help. Sounds like you need to call them Tuesday morning and find out what's going on. Waiting is the hardest thing but there may be some ladies on here that can tell you what to expect next. Just know that I am sending you a big hug( ) x

Thankyou for your reply

I cant help thinking the worst just cant understand why ive received a letter for a pre operative assessment when I wasnt aware I needed surgery

I just presummed if it wasnt clear cells from lletz id be asked to go back to see my consultant

Instead I get one telling me im having surgery but no idea what surgery


Hi Hun I don't understand ur letter either can u call them on Tuesday and ask them if they can explain the letter to u ? X

My appointment is for tuesday so guess I'll find out then! 

Thankyou for replying xx


I can't offer any advice apart from phoning them on Tuesday I can share my experience - I had Letzz and biopsy taken on the 17th April . On the 24th April I received a telephone call saying they had my results and needed to see me that afternoon ,also I could take some one with me . That was the longest day of my life my appointment wasn't until that afternoon . They sat me done with a nurse and dr I was told at that point I had cervical cancer 1b1 and the treatment I would need also who is available to support me eg Macmillan nurse . I know it's waiting that is the hardest xxx sending hugs Tammy xx