Please help

Please please can someone help. I went for a smear in august 2013 and received a letter saying I had mild cell changea and hpv. I went for a coloscopy and the nurse took three biopsies. i then received a letter saying hey are pleased to inform me that everything appears normal. Five months has past and I am making myself I'll with worry. I went to my doctors and the letter he recieved was kinda the same everything appears normal but I had 'warty features' and I need to go back in a year which will be sometime later this year but I am really scared I'll get cancer. I am a worrier anyway but I lost my dad to cancer two years ago and my mum also died when I was 13 but that was due to a stroke but it's ruined my head. I have a daughter and I worry so much she.ll lose me. I wanted a smear done the other day to erasure me but they won't do one so I'm left so scared :( please if anyone has any advice.