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Hi ladies, Cervical Cancer Prevention week (CCPW) is coming soon (24-30 January) and we are looking for ladies who have been affected by cervical cancer or cervical abnormalities to share their story. It's the quickest way to get someone to go from thinking, "that will never happen to me" to considering, "that could be me". Telling your story helps us raise awareness across the UK especially during campaign times when a lot of journalists ask us for real stories. So, if you’d like to share your story and help us during the upcoming CCPW campaign please get in touch with my colleague Elli by emailing Look forward to hearing from you and thank you so much for your support Best wishes Fran

Hello. Im new to this site so im not sure how it work or how I post to recieve advise of others.

Ive been suffering with a lot recently. I have a lot of pain during sex, I bleed during sex. I Notice blood when im going to the toilet. I have to take strong pain killers for my stomach and back pain.

Ive been to the doctors about this many times, ive been to counciling with my partner because everything is getting between us. I wont have sex anymore because it hurts that much so I feel this is breaking us. Ive also been to the hospital and have had scans but they keep telling me everything is okay and I know it isnt. Ive asked to have tests for cancer but they keep refusing me because I am under the age of 25. I know its probably me over thinking, but if its nothing else what else can it be? I dont go through all this for nothing and it certainly isnt normal.

Im looking for some help or advise.

Thanks :)

Hi Sarah,


It sounds like both you have mane concerns and this is affecting your relationship. You're absolutely right to want to know whats going on, but remember-Bleeding can be caused by lots of different problems. So as best you can- try not to worry (I know- easier said than done!) .  If you don't feel you are getting answers from your Dr you could go to a sexual health clinic. As the staff there deal with sexual health problems day in day out they would be able to talk you through the possibilities, and refer you on if needed- some people attend a colposcopy clinic if problems continue with no known cause (bit like an smear where they take a closer look by a specialist).  I'm guessing that you haven't had a smear test  because of your age? Please be confident and insist on a test, maybe a sexual health clinic would do this., age really shouldnt stop you from having this test done.

You may not have many replies here as you've replied to a thread- but if you start a new discussionin one of the forums you may get more responses. There are some great ladies on here who will chat anytime,

Big Hug,

Rhi x



Hi I'm 29 and yestersay after my biopsy the doctor said I had cervical cancer stage 1 b2. All this happend about 2 months ago when i reguested a smear as I started bleeing after sex and between periods. I went for a smear and the resulst came back abnormal cells cin3. I went for my colposcopy last week and as soon as she started touching my cervix with the cotton bud it bled, she tried to get a picture and the gynecolosgist pretty much said it looked like cancer. My head was all over the place. I was expecting them to say i was fine. So had my biopsy yesterday and afterwards the doctor said that my bowel and bladder were clear and everywhere surrounding my cervix to. The cancer measured at about 4cm and he has advised to start the chemo and radio therapy after Xmas. This is so much to take in. I have a loving partner and two beautiful children.We lost out first child in 2005 he was 17 weeks premature and lived for two weeks. So we are blessed to have had two children and are happy with just two. All I want is to come through this for my family sake. I've got an mri scan tomorrow so hoping to god it hasn't spread further up. is there anyone out there whos had the same diagnosis as me? And had the all clear?

than you xxx 

Hi there sweetheart :-)

I just want to reassure you that there are lots of us who have had the same diagnosis as you or worse and are now clear and cancer-free :-) This is a very treatable disease and you are going to be fine.


Thank you very much for your lovely message xxxx

I'm so sorry to hear your news Auds86- it can be by difficult to take everything in but try and stay positive.

I am 29 and was diagnosed with A1A cervical cancer in january 2015 after my smear test came back with severe abnormalities. I had two rounds of lletz treatment the last of which came back with clear margins. Since then I have researched lots of information around cervical cancer. Trust me the stage of cancer you have is highly treatable and there is no reason why this should return once you have had the appropriate treatment. They have caught it early and that is what to focus on! 

My consultant told me that they would keep such a close eye on me for the rest of my life that the chances of anything reoccuring was small and if it did they would be able to treat it early. I am due another colposcopy at the end of January. 

Good of luck with the mri scan- let us know how you get on: )