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Hi ladies, Cervical Cancer Prevention week (CCPW) is coming soon (24-30 January) and we are looking for ladies who have been affected by cervical cancer or cervical abnormalities to share their story. It's the quickest way to get someone to go from thinking, "that will never happen to me" to considering, "that could be me". Telling your story helps us raise awareness across the UK especially during campaign times when a lot of journalists ask us for real stories. So, if you’d like to share your story and help us during the upcoming CCPW campaign please get in touch with my colleague Elli by emailing Look forward to hearing from you and thank you so much for your support Best wishes Fran

You said to get in touch after my colcoscopy.  It would seem that the cervix is possibly-probably OK; procedures shoed a slight thickening in the uterus so they took a scrape, results pending but if there is anything there, if I am lucky it is early days and  since I am in my 70th year any consequences may fall within my projected life expectancy, so I could not complain.

I have learned an awful lot over the last two weeks, not least how little I knew.  My mother's generation were not told about periods; my generation were (perhaps) given a book about the human body and biology lessons about rabbits; the more adventurous of us made a bit of hay in the 60's and 70's but without understanding the possible consequences.  So, since I have not had children I have never really been part of the community of women.  I might have learned something there; I might not.  But I certainly never knew that cervical cancer continued to be a possibility at my age (other cancers yes).  I would never have passed up my final smear, and I would have made much more of an issue about how much it hurt; perhaps the (male) doctor with whom I discussed it - and minor indicating symptoms - would have twigged and a) explained the risks and b) suggested oestrogen therapy beforehand as my woman doctor did this time.

This site has been amazing.  For information, so I had an overview; for understanding, reading so many posts from terrified women; for comfort since I posted myself and was emotionally reassured enough to become rational and to work through the process.

I was amazed and moved almost to tears, too, by the compassion and gentleness of the (all female) staff at the hospital.  Some ghastly and prolonged hospital experiences in my past have left physical and psychological scars that left me quite unprepared.  I mean, the scrape sent me through the roof, but it passed and I've forgotten it, which has not been my story until now.

if you can use any of this please do; there is no need to acknowledge it.

Hi there,

Thank you so much for your comment. it's great to hear from you. I am so pleased that you have found the webiste and the forum useful and a source of support.

I have passed your comment on to my colleague Elli in the communications team who you have been in touch with previously.

Thank you so much again for getting in touch and if there is anything I can help with please do let me know

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