Please HELP- teenager referred for colposcopy

Hi I am 19 years old. I have had a large outbreak of genital warts on my vaginal opening and inside my vagina for about 9 months ( i caught this from an abusive ex bf). I have been trying to treat the external warts with topical treatments and cryotherapy. I have also had one shot of depo-provera injection which ran out 2 months ago. My new bf left me because of this I can't seem to get rid of them.

The last time I visited the sexual health clinic the doctor did a pelvic exam, she found that I had BV and thrush. However she said my cervix looked quite red which really worried me, previously they had said it looked normal. She said it was cervical erosion.

She referred me straight to gynecology for a colposcopy since I have warts all on the inside of my vagina and am not due for my first smear test until I am 25. I am really worried about this, could this be caused by the HPV? I know the strain that causes warts do not cause cancer but could I have more than one strain?

I am really worried because I am so young and I haven't told my parents about this as I know they will not be supportive.

Also I am attending the same gynecology department later this year with my mom as I have a dermoid overian cyst that needs removal (she insists on attending all of my appointments as she is worried). Is it possible that she will find out that I have HPV and went for this procedure during this appointment?

I am really scared that it is something serious due to the HPV I just think I'm too young to be going through all of this. I just really need some advice x

Hello there. I'm 24 years old and diagnosed with CIN1 back in September 2018 due to high risk hpv. I just had a horrible experience today at the gyno when she did my second colposcopy to see how things are now since my follow up pap came back abnormal and chronic cervicitis as well. Yes you can have more than one HPV strain in your body. I'm pretty sure I had warts at some point before being diagnosed with high risk HPV because I had flat but bumpy small spots all over my vagina but only externally and near my anus. They went away after doing some homemade treatments tho and never came back. After that was when I had my second pap ever and came back high risk hpv back in June 2018. Just to make sure go ahead and get the colposcopy done so they can let you know exactly if you have a high risk steain. If you don't please hurry and start getting the vaccine shots! And even if you do have a high risk strain, get the vaccine as it will protection you from other high risk strains. I'm going to get my second shot in about two weeks time. In regards to your mother, even if she finds out don't let her opinion get to you. Hopefully they won't disclose any information to her. I think it's ilegal to do that since you are over 18. They can't disclose information unless you sign a document allowing it. Much luck to you and I know how it feels being young and going through this trust me. But that just goes to show that we are all vulnerable no matter our age and we should take care and better ourselves each day. I hope you are never abused by another man ever again.