please help!! symptoms of cervical cancer but too young for smear

You really need to push for this, if you have symptoms then they shouldn't make you wait, it should be a matter of urgency. Keep pestering them xx


I am 24 and just finished treatment 2 months ago for stage 2 cervical cancer. I don't want to scare you as your symptoms could be something

completely different, however if you do have symptoms keep going back to the doctors. It took me 4 attempts before they took

me seriously and referred me to hospital. 


Good luck if you have anymore questions message me xx

If your GP isn't referring you for a smear despite your requests have you considered going in to an A&E dept, they will have to at least get a gynae to look at you and then with any luck they will refer you for screening. Good luck x


Just to add, a friend of mine had every symptom listed for cervical cancer but was under 25 so hadn't had a smear test and her doctor didn't take her seriously for ages. She was eventually referred for a colposcopy and that found that she had CIN1 cells only and so no treatmen was needed. On the other hand, I've had 3 clear smears, no symptoms whatsoever and was diagnosed with CC. So symptoms don't neccessaily mean that it's going to be bad news. Please try not to panic but keep on at your GP and if they refuse to refer you (which they shouldn't if there are symptoms regardless of your age) contact NHS England to complaint and they will get involved and either make the GP refer you if that is necessary or at least explain to you in full detail why a referal isn't needed. Hope that helps x


if you keep going back and it is recorded you have gone back repeatedly with the same symptoms apparently they have to do something. If not, go to A and E. Or look up a charity called Mercedes Curnow Foundation who try to help people under 25 get smears. Whatever you do, don't just sit and accept it. If you are worried, make some noise!

good luck. Let us know how it goes

xxx dons


Try not to worry too much about symptoms.. these general symptoms associated with cervical cancer are A LOT more common than cc itself. I had my first smear when I turned 20 (im welsh) which was mildly abnormal, then had cc symptoms for 5 months, my repeat smear (6months after initial) came back as severe changes; turned out I just had CIN3; the gynaecologist told me CIN tends to go back to normal in almost all women under 25 so it was up to me whether I wanted to have the treatment or just to leave it.

  However, nhs guidelines state any woman under 25 who has such symptoms for weeks-months + are negative for thrush/STIs (swabs can be done by the GP)should be followed up by a gynaecologist, so as the other ladies say, make sure you push for a referral, in my experience some GP's do not take gynaecological symptoms seriously enough. It is important you get it checked out to exclude anything nasty (and to hopefully reassure you).

All the best x