Please help! scared

Hello everyone,

I have been experiencing really bad pain in my cervix and what feels like both sides of my ovaries for a few days now. Last year my Pap smear was high risk hpv positive but Cin1 had cleared. I am now scared it’s CC that has progressed quite rapidly. I’m alone in quarantine in South Korea right now so I can only go to the gynae on Saturday when I’m discharged. I AM FREAKING OUT that it could be late stage cancer also bc I’m not going to immediately to have it checked. The pain is also keeping me up at night. I just recently turned 24 and have no kids, scared this will never happen now.

Please help with any advice :(((

Hi, sorry your feeling so anxious. Try not to worry too much (easier said than done I know). If you had cin 1 that cleared a year ago, not sure for certain, but I wouldn’t have thought it would have returned & progressed into cc in such a short time.
Hopefully you’ll get some answers on Saturday, in the meantime positive thoughts xx

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thank you so much for replying and your reassurance:) I requested to be taken to the hospital because my pain was so bad. Had a clear CT scan; however will only have results from Pap smear in 7 days. Was given antibiotics which has taken away the intense pain I was having in my back and legs but still having some sharp pelvic pains. I’m trying to stay calm in the meantime while I wait.

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Well, That’s reassuring news your CT scan was clear & that your antibiotics seemed to have started to kick already.

Must admit the waiting game is driving me a little insane, I’m waiting for my Lletz results at the moment & I’ve been all over the place. But trying to stay positive & busy busy busy x


The waiting really is the worst! All the best xx

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