Please help my daughter

My daughter went to the GP surgery today for a smear test. They did the smear test but are not sending it away as her cervix was red swollen and rough and they said she needed a 2 week cancer referral. Do they she she definitely has cancer as nurse looked shocked and spoke of cancer!! She is absolutely hysterical and beside herself with worry!!

This is a very worrying and terrifying time for you and your daughter and I’m so sorry you’re going through this.
No one can say whether or not it is cancer until your daughter has been thoroughly examined by a gynaecologist and/or had biopsies taken, but if you want to provide a little more information perhaps people on here can advise a bit about what they’ve gone through that is similar.
How old is your daughter, has she ever had the HPV vaccine, has she ever had an abnormal smear test, has she ever had abnormal gynae symptoms like bleeding between periods and or pains.
The two week pathway is just to get your daughter checked as soon as possible, but it does not mean she has cancer. 93% of people who are sent off on the 2 week pathway do not have cancer.’ideal%20rate’%2C,patients%20diagnosed%20by%20other%20routes.

Your daughter may have something like erosion or even a polyp that’s causing the bleeding or she may have abnormal cells which need removing (although she may not). It’s impossible to know until she is seen. I know this is horrible and all a big shock, but being seen quickly is a good thing because then anything sinister can be ruled out, or god forbid if there is anything which needs treating she will be seen quickly. Without wanting to rush ahead, but it helped me in my own journey with researching things, cervical cancer is very treatable.

Please ask her to call Jos helpline on Monday and have a chat with someone. They helped me a lot when I was hysterical. X


The nurses aren’t experts. I had a smear in January and something was seen, the nurse was lovely but she put the fear of God in me and I almost had a panic attack in the surgery. She didn’t know she was looking at a benign growth.

Hi, thank you so much for tour reply.
My daughter is 28, she had the job vaccine at school and had a normal smear 3 years ago.
She has 2 young children and was just going to the GP for normal smear. She has had no abnormal bleeding or pain. Has been extra tired but that’s all, sometimes has an upset tummy.
The nurse got the GP to come and look and they agreed she needed to be seen urgently. The nurse spoke to her as if she already had cancer and spoke about herself having breast cancer but surviving. She reported that cervix was red and swollen and also rough. That’s about all I can think of to tell you. Thanks xx

From everything you’ve said, I would be absolutely shocked if your daughter has cc. Of course it’s not impossible. How utterly terrifying for them to talk like that when they cannot be sure it’s cancer from looking.
Your poor daughter no wonder she’s beside herself.
Absolute worse case scenario and it is bad news, there’s so much that can be done.
But all the things you’ve said really don’t point towards bad news. Could be red/rough from cerviticis, literally an inflamed cervix, maybe from recent sex, or if she’s had her last baby quite recently perhaps it’s related to that. To go from a normal smear three years ago to cc (I know it can happen) but it’s pretty rare!
Please give Jos a call. Let us know what happens x

Thank you so much for replying, it’s just so hard to talk to family but so pleased I could tell someone what’s going on. I will let you know how things go. Thanks again xxxx

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