PLEASE HELP! Is is possible to have a cervical biopsy and NO brown discharge after?

Dear all...PLEASE HELP

I had a miscarriage on Nov 21st. On the 19th, I went to my OBGYN for an exam to confirm the pregnancy and he performed a PAP. Unlerlated to the PAP, I started miscarrying 2 days later and the hospital was unsure if this was an ectopic or not, so they opted to administer Methotrexate. At the follow-up, the hospital and 2 Drs. were still unsure if I had a first trimester miscarriage or an ectoptic. I took the Methotrexate, so I cannot try for another baby in the next few months anyways.

As I was coming to terms with that horrible situation, I received a call that my PAP came back positive for AGUS and that I have to go to the office for a colposcopy. The OBGYN who performed the pregnancy confirmation exam was retiring, so my husband and I moved to another office and chose another MD.

I went in on the 26th to do the colpo. I have a history of regular PAP exams, all normal, except one ASC-H finding in 2015. The colpo was negative and so were the subsequent PAPs. I am most likely HPV - since I only had one partner and he only slept with me (I know, we are not old fashioned, but we have been together since high school). I never tested positive for HPV, so that is somewhat reassuring.

The new OBGYN is not a talker (I was warned abt that). She did the colpo, which literally took 10 mins. The only thing that I heard was "Oh, this does not look too bad".

She did one biopsy and she put a swab of Monsel’s solution on the wound. 

If doctors' use Lugol's solution to highlight the problematic areas and that solution stains the normal epitelium dark brown, why didn't I have any brown discharge (like coffee grinds) post procedure? With the previous colpo, I had cramping, bleeding and dark brown discharge (which I assumed was the leftover of Lugol's solution, or am I wrong). 

This time around, I had NO discharge, NO pain, NO bleeding. I do not need to use a pad. The other colpo, felt like a mini period. I know for a fact that the Dr. took a sample of my cervix, because I felt the punch and I saw the tissue when she put it in the container.

I read that if the Lugol's solution does not turn the epitelium brown, the cells are cancerous. Is this true? Should I be worried of the lack of dischage? Is the brown discharge leftover of Lugol's solution? if not, what is? (just in case I need to go through this pleasurable experience once again)

My friend, who used this OBGYN a few year back said that she is smart, but does not talk to the patients. Indeed she bolted out of the door to her next appointment. 

Thank you so much for your help and I will keep you posted


Hi Jane you need to take a deep breath ....and relax and stop googling haha. Think yourself lucky that you had no problems following your biopsy, a punch biopsy does not always cause discharge and cramping. Wait for your results and don't try to diagnose yourself. Good luck and take care.