Please help I'm so frightened

Hi everyone…
I’m new to this forum and have found this is the best site for Me to share my worries and just ask for help and understanding
Im 33 years old and I had my last smear around 7 years ago, I know it’s been a while but I had a bad experience that’s why I wasn’t in a rush to ho back…however that smear Wass clear… I’ve Been havin dull pain in pelvis for about 3 weeks so I decided to go and get another smear done…since having my smear I’ve been having a lot if lower back pains and my left leg feels really heavy not all the time but most if the time the pain in my pelvis and back are not theor constantly neither but are their every day it comes and goes. …my smear came back bordeline hpv detected so I have my coloscopy on the 15th
I’ve read everything on cc on the Internet so I’ve now worked myself up. …I’ve lost my appetite so I’ve lost a lot of weight I’m so frightened as I’ve read on here a lot of people that have had lower back pains have been diagnosed with cc…I also am having pains in my upper abdomen a lot of pain so I’m wondering if it has spread hence why I’m feeling the pain up their too…
I’ve had 4 transvaginal ultrasounds but all came back clear and ive had a lot of blood tests full blood cuts and all came back clear…was wondering if I did have advance cc would it have been picked up on the ultra sound … …
I’ve put my life on hold for the past 4 weeks and I’m not feeling myself at all
I’ve also read that some people have had borderline changes and it was not the case
Please can someone get back to me
Thank you x

Hi Sarah

im no expert but I'm sure if you had a large tumour on your cervix this would be seen on your vaginal ultrasound. sorry I can't offer more help but big hugs to you xxx

Thanks midwife be

Big hugs back x

Our minds are very powerful.  

I think if it was advanced cc then they can usually see it with the naked eye.