Please help I'm new x (children mentioned)


I'm new here and extremely worried and I'm hoping someone can help me out?

I'm 18 and had my beautiful baby 9 months ago.

During my pregnancy I had ALOT of vaginal discharge - no blood. My discharge was always that 'healthy' milky white discharge and sometimes it was bright green. They took swabs a lot and everything always came back clear.

After the birth of my daughter, everything recovered well but my heavy discharge is still here. It's white, thick, snotty, milky discharge and it is constant. I don't bleed between periods which is reassuring and I don't bleed after sex, but I do have pain during sex sometimes, it feels sore down there sometimes? I also get sharp pains in my cervix area during sex too at times. And I do get period pains in between periods which has me worried but I'm not sure if that's me and my anxiety.

Anyway I've been to the doctors and they've took swabs and said everything looks good down there but I want a smear, which they refuse to give as I am apparently too young.

Do my symptoms sound like cancer?

Any advice you can give?

Thank you so much. 

Hi Jessica,

The symptoms you are having could be down to a number of things, it sounds to me like you have Pelvic inflammatory disease but im not a doctor.

I know most Doctors wont offer a smear untill your 25 but i do know that a lot of family planning clinics offer them from 18.

You also have the option of paying to have a smear privately i think it costs around £80. The main symptom of cervical cancer is bleeding inbetween periods and after sex.

I would definitley speak to your doctor about Pelvic Inflammatory disease. It sounds awful but you should need a course of antibiotics to get rid of it.

Hope this helps Hun. Xxx

you say green ? have your doctor do you a swab for trichomoniasis, i read about it before its not usually routinely tested for x